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to Customer Advocates on Board -project’s web site!

Here is a short presentation of the Project and the people involved in it:
below you find description and contact information of the Project group. In addition to that there is a network of people interested in the Project and giving their special effort for it. If YOU wish to take part in our network, please let us know by contacting the project group.

The name of the network is Directors on Board, please see the tab.

Customer Advocates on Board -Project executes a study of how the companies’ board of directors use customer experience in its strategic work and how the board utilizes customer insight in its strategic decision making. The study includes a survey among board professionals which takes place in August-September 2015.
The survey link is now closed / 7th Sep!

The study also includes interviews among the people in the Network, advisors and board professionals. We are also looking for interesting company cases: please let us know if you have a good example in your mind.

The results of the study will be published in September 2015. Our aim is to boost good discussion upon the topic, both within the companies as well as publicly. As a result from this Project we will present a model, how to enhace customer insight’s importance in the board’s decision making. Lastly the results and the model will be presented as a book!


Members of the Project Group

Ilvonen Tarja Tarja Ilvonen
M.Sc. (Econ.)
+358 (0) 50 569 1921
Twitter: @tarjaIlvonen
Tarja Ilvonen PR CV


20615-068 Tuija Koskimäki
M.Sc. (Econ.)
+358 (0) 50 540 7522
Twitter: @tuija_koskimaki
Tuija Koskimäki PR CV



AI1 Antti Ilvonen
Project assistant
+358 (0) 445 180 297
Antti Ilvonen PR CV


Add Value Research Oy

Pekka Törrönen CEO, Partner
+358 (0) 40 762 3533
Twitter: @pekkatorronen

Arvo2 Oy
Helena Raulos, FM, LJK, tj.
+358 (0) 40 5029718

DoBCamillaKuva Cembli Oy
Camilla Magnusson Co-founder
+358 44 290 2218

JukkaV Cembli Oy
Jukka Vesmanen Co-founder
+358 50 55 88 633
Twitter: @parannafi